John Dreyer
John Dreyer grew up as the farm stand was just starting to take off. He got involved early on working with both his parents and older brother, Henry. But John always made time for basketball which he played throughout college. He attended UMASS Amherst majoring in Physical Education and worked as a Phys. Ed. teacher for one year before joining the Army with his brother. After his enlistment ended, he returned to the farm and started to work on what would be his contributions to the growing family business. In John’s early years at the farm, the market opened later in the year and closed right after Thanksgiving; but John found a way to extend the season for the business. He decided to add Easter plants and Christmas trees to the products Dreyer’s Farms would make available to their customers. This inclusion enabled the farm market to open in early Spring and close on December 24th. John was almost always at the farm, only skipping out to watch his two daughters play in every basketball, field hockey, and softball game they ever played in! He still reigns as the go-to guy for questions on vegetables and is almost always at the farm. Although every once in a while, he will leave early to watch his two grandkids, Ethan & Lily, play in any and every sporting event they have!

Jessica Dreyer
Jessica Dreyer grew up working in the market with her beloved Grandma and father, all while being a three-season athlete! She worked hard in school, at the farm and on the court! Always knowing that she wanted to take over the family business and continue the family legacy of farming in good old Cranford, Jess graduated with a B.S. in Soil Science from the UMASS Amherst. After graduation, her father encouraged her to work for a business other than the family one that she had always worked for in order to gain different perspectives and experience. Jess worked as a Perennial Landscaper in the Hamptons for a time; but she was eager to come back home and make her mark on the family business. Nothing means more to Jess than her family and the farm. So when she renovated the market in 2014, she maintained some of the old pieces of the original farm like the milk cooler door, beams and their lucky family horseshoe! All around the store are photos of her family farming the land and working the greenhouses. Jess married a farmer, Adam Costello of Wightman Farms in Morristown, and together they have two of the cutest little farmers ever–Ethan and Lily! You can almost always find Jess at Dreyer Farms; but if you can’t, she’s either in the field planting carrots or rooting for her kids playing basketball!

Jon & Liz

Have a plant question? This is the power couple you are looking for! Jon is our nursery manager bringing in all kinds of cool native plants that will thrive in our area. He is available to help you figure out what you should plant in your yard all he needs is a photo of the space and a description of the sunlight. Liz is a perennial princess, ready to help you build a butterfly garden and help you help the pollinators! They are lovers of all animals with a family of precious pups and a sweet super smart blind cat named Louie! They can often be found feeding the deer some bruised apples from the farm and keeping morale high. Jon is 100% our resident prankster so you’ve been warned!


Justine Gray is a Cranford native with a passion for horses, people and being outside! In 2015, she graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Psychology and Marketing Communications. Justine spent two years during college conducting research on how the human brain perceives images based on emotion which she presented at the Eastern Colleges Science Conference. She also spent all four years singing a Cappella with Premium Blend and learning to develop websites and social media for businesses. As much as she enjoyed research and school, she decided that working in a lab was just not for her. Justine had always dreamed of doing something with the environment–helping it, cultivating it, protecting it. While her job is technically Media Manager, she is often at local schools presenting on healthy eating habits, the benefits of eating local, and sustainability. She also gives farm tours to elementary school classes, and Girl Scout and Brownie troops demonstrating what we do at Dreyer’s, composting and other subtopics in farming and the environment. While mostly she runs the Social Media and Website for the farm, if you know her, you know she does more than that! Justine is constantly in the field either planting garlic, dumping compost or finding a reason to drive the Kubota.