Reserve Your Thanksgiving Turkey

This Thanksgiving commit to local with an NJ Turkey! Ashley Farms in Flanders, NJ has been our “go-to” turkey farm for years because of their impressive commitment to quality birds. They are free of any hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or fillers and are hand raised from a day old and fed Ashley Farms homegrown corn.

All orders are due by Midnight on November 12th.

A $25 deposit is due for each turkey by November 12th.

There are 3 sizes of birds to choose from:
14-18lb., 19-23 lb., and 24-28 lb.

Turkeys are $3.89 per lb.

Fill out the form below to reserve now!

14-18 lb turkey (approx. $54- $70)
19-23 lb turkey (approx. $70- $90)
24-28 lb turkey (approx. $90- $109)
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