Plant a Butterfly Garden

Happy Spring everyone! Okay, so it’s not here yet; but it sure feels like it! If you are like me and you spend half of the winter thinking about what you are going to plant come spring, maybe consider some plants that butterflies and other pollinators love! While bees are the number one pollinator in the world, a close second are butterflies; and who doesn’t love butterflies? Unless you were brought to a Monarch breeding ground when you were two years old and scarred for life (thanks Mom & Dad), I’m sure most people are very fond of them.

If you have been having an issue with yield in your vegetable garden or berry plants, consider attracting pollinators for greater success this year! Monarch butterflies have been experiencing a serious decline in their numbers, as extreme weather disrupts their migratory patterns. Habitat loss is another cause of decline so an easy way to help is to choose one or a few of the following plants as an addition to your garden.  They will make it both beautiful and functional!

Some plants to consider for attracting butterflies are:

  • Chives – useful for cooking as well!
  • Salvia — a purple-flowered perennial.
  • Butterfly Bush — they are gorgeous and hardy. We carry numerous colors.
  • Common Milkweed — a native plant to NJ.
  • Fennel — edible & delicious. We carry both green and bronze
  • Coneflower (Echinacea) — perennial.
  • Lantana — an easy to grow annual.
  • Bee Balm — a perennial that also attracts bees.
  • Chrysanthemum & Sedum — great for late-season butterflies.

Some great resources are: