We have new beautiful nursery stock! Come see the garden center portion of Dreyer Farms!

  • We have native trees, hedge plants and many boxwood varieties!
  • We carry flowering annuals, perennials, ground covers, shrubs, trees and more!
  • We carry various brands from our own propagations to Monrovia and Proven Winners.

Expertise and Advice

We have numerous staff members available to help you in the nursery so feel free to call or drop by and ask for Jon, our nursery manager!

Jon has worked in nursery management and design for over 25 years and will help you personalize your design! Just bring in photos of the space and know how much sun you get there and he can do the rest!

Jessica Dreyer also specialized in perennial landscaping so if you are looking for perennials she is your best resource!

Charlotte, affectionately known as the Queen of the Farm, has a garden that Martha Stewart would DREAM of and has years of experience in the garden.


Any of these lovely folks would be happy to help you plan your garden or pick the perfect tree for just outside your kitchen window! We carry numerous fruit-bearing trees as well including Fig trees, Apple trees, Peach & Pear trees.

Helpful Information for planting your gardens. 

Nectar Plants for Monarch Butterflies
Create a Garden to Help Pollinators
Planting for Birds