Meat Share

Hey Farm Friends-

If you guys want beef, pork or chicken for the winter I highly recommend swinging by the farm and creating your own meat share!  We have ethically raised, local beef, chicken, turkey & pork. Mix and match to suit your family’s individual needs or dietary restrictions.  Maybe you want 10- 1lb bags of delicious Griggstown Ground Turkey or 5 Riverbend Ground Beef and 5 Griggstown Ground Turkey, maybe you want steaks that you can really sink your teeth into (makes a great holiday gift!)

Or maybe you want to text me your budget and I can create a share for YOU!

All these farms are local (The Piggery is a little bit further in Ithaca but Justine has been there and we have a great relationship with the owner/farmer- woohoo women run farms)!

This is not like buying meat from anywhere else because these are absolutely NOT factory farms, they live happy and healthy lives and are cared for every step of the way. They are never given hormones or antibiotics making them natural and delicious. the way they should be. If you are interested in stocking up on local, ethical, and scrumptious meats give Dawn a call or email.

Call the farm 908 276-1290 for her info or any questions about the farms we work with to find out why they are so special.

We have some pre-set options as well- they are listed here:

The 2/2/2 ($50 )

2 doz eggs
2 lbs ground turkey
2 small pot pies
(free ½ doz donuts)


A Whole Lot of Yum! ($185)

Eggs 4 doz
5 lbs ground turkey
2 pot pies
4 packs of chicken sausage
2 whole chickens
2 cut up chickens
(free dozen donuts with purchase!)


Here’s The MEAT! (Market Value)

2 steaks
2 brats
1 roast