Holiday Trees

We have 5 different types of Christmas trees this year including Frasier, Douglas, Concolor, Balsam, and Blue Spruce! This year we were shorted many Douglas so supply is limited.

All are individually priced based on quality, shape, height and variety. Our of trees come from Canada and North Carolina. When purchasing your tree keep in mind what type of stand you have- screw stands or drill stands as we can drill a hole for you and will provide a fresh cut for maximum water intake. We also sell various stands here in case you need one!

Frasier trees

Known for their strong branches for maximum ornaments as well as their deep green color with blue tinge under their needles. They are fragrant and have great needle retention. They are a strong and sturdy tree and we have a range from 3 feet to 13 feet.

Douglas trees 

Known for great needle retention with a very full classic shape.  We have these classic trees ranging in height from 5ft- 10ft.

Concolor trees

More of a unique Christmas tree choice. They have longer, wider needles and emit a strong citrus scent!  Not super dense we have them up to 6-9ft

Balsam trees

The most fragrant with that classic pine scent and Christmas feel. They have great needle retention, take heavy ornaments, and are a little more layered than Frasier. They have a wider needle than the Frasier Fir and have a more solid green color without the blue on the under-side of the needle. They are a classic old-fashioned tree and we have them ranging from 5ft to 12ft.

Blue Spruce

The less common option for Christmas because of their unmistakable blue color. They have sharp needles, strong branches, good needle retention and limited fragrance. If you are looking to set the mood for a blue Christmas this is the tree for you! We have them ranging from 6-9ft.