CSA- Community Supported Agriculture

All Box Shares start the week after Mother’s Day. The Farm Club starts the week of April 15th!

Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is now in it’s 8th year! Keep reading to see why this program maybe perfect for you!


We want to be your family’s farmer! Knowing where your food comes from is so important and we want to help you have access to the most fresh and local produce available. Becoming a member of our CSA ensures that each week you will receive the freshest assortment of vegetables and some fruits all from NJ. The produce comes from our farm and our partner farms across the beautiful Garden State.  We hope to encourage people to eat more vegetables and fruits from locally sourced farms to improve the heath and sustainability of our community.


Our CSA program begins in May and goes through the week before Thanksgiving- 27 weeks in total. Each week we provide you with a variety of fresh & local produce to fulfill your dietary needs. With your harvest share we also provide recipes and tips for those of you a little unsure of what to do with your veggies! We call this the “Dreyer Flyer” – available on our website, hard copy upon pick-up and in your email!


There are two possible pick-up days Tuesday or Friday. If you are a Tuesday pick-up member you can come by the farm anytime from 9am-6pm to pick up your share OR if you forget you can pick it up Wednesday morning before 12pm. If you are a Friday pick-up member the same applies, 9am-6pm or Saturday morning until 12pm.

IF for some reason you cannot pick up your share on your day or the morning after you can have a friend or neighbor pick-up for you.

IF you do not have someone who can pick it up for you we need 2 WEEKS notice if you would like to be put on hold. Each season you are allowed 2 hold weeks.


BAM Box: (NEW NEW NEW) this box was developed based on customer feedback! 2-3 veggies and a goodie! The goodie will be fruit when its seasonally available and a good amount at that! We have heard you and the fruit is coming! When fruit is not in season there will be a goodie of some kind like cheese or dough or Zoup! $20 a week!

Small share: (formerly known as Just the Basics) is a standard box full of classic vegetables and less of the crazy ones like collards and kohlrabi! This box is perfect for a family of four or two-three veggie lovers!

Medium: (formerly known as Healthy Family) has more vegetables and variety! Aside from more quantity better for a family of 5, we also include some more quirky vegetables like fingerling potatoes or purple beans.

Market/Meal: box is different than our other shares that focus on produce primarily, by forming a complete meal. This box often includes meat, dairy, and or a grain component to complete a meal and sides to other meals.

Farm Club Membership: This limited share type is for those of you who like to choose your locally sourced veggies, fruits, meats, bread, milk, pasta and MORE. 33 Weeks of LOCAL- shop the store to create your own CSA and only buy what you will eat! You will get the recipes, pick your own flowers and tomatoes(when in season) and be in the know for farm events while you spend your weekly money as you wish! Freshly harvested & locally sourced food for the health & environmentally minded. This new share uses a voucher for each week so you can design your own box, as many of our customers expressed a desire for to lessen the number of swaps. The Pick-Your-Own flowers and tomatoes is a perk of this program- you can also pick out your box on any day of the week not just Tuesdays or Fridays.

Flower Share: We are now offering 2 different flower shares at the farm during the summer! We have a half share (5 bouquets for $50) and a full share (10 bouquets for $100). They will be freshly picked and arranged and ready for pickup. This share option is ONLY available for Friday and Saturday pick up.


You can either pay in full for the season if you are committed to supporting your local farmers and keeping your diet green OR in three installments throughout the season. The benefit of paying in full is that you get a special membership that allows you to Pick Your Own flowers and grape &cherry tomatoes when the season allows.


BAM Box: $540 Price in Full –$20 per week

Small- $621 Price in full– $207 for each third — $23 per week

Medium- $810 price in total –$270 for each third –$30 per week
Market/Meal Box- $1,053 price in total– $351 for each third –$39 per week

Sign Up for the CSA

Pick your own (PYO) RULES:
  • PYO is on CSA days only so Tuesday or Friday
  • Please bring your own clippers
  • Wear appropriate footwear- it’s a farm so it gets muddy out there!
  • For flowers you should be picking about one bouquet so 8-12 stems
  • You should be re-using your pint each week for the tomatoes
For any questions feel free to call our CSA Director Dawn at (908) 477-0105 she would love to hear from you!